India, U.S. and Japan Begin War Games, and China Hears a Message

The Indian Navy also announced a plan to station warships to monitor movement through the Strait of Malacca, where many Chinese vessels enter from the South China Sea. Source: World

On a Tiny Norwegian Island, America Keeps an Eye on Russia

In a sleepy town in the Arctic, the business of snooping on Russia’s fleet of nuclear submarines is flourishing thanks to an American-funded radar system. Source: World

U.S.-Backed Forces Begin Assault on Raqqa, ISIS Stronghold in Syria

The force of Syrian Kurds and Arab militias say they have begun operations on the city, the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed capital. Source: World

Journalist’s Footage Shows Iraqi Forces Torturing Civilians, ABC Report Says

Video taken by Ali Arkady and shared with the news network appears to show uniformed Iraqi forces beating Iraqi civilians. Source: World

Joint Chiefs Chairman to Meet With Russian Counterpart in Azerbaijan

It will be the first face-to-face meeting of military chiefs from Washington and Moscow since 2014, and takes place while the Trump administration’s policy toward Russia is unclear. Source: World

U.S. Commando Killed in Yemen in Trump’s First Counterterror Operation

Three others were injured in a fierce firefight with Qaeda militants in a dawn attack. Source: World

Obama’s Stark Options on ISIS: Arm Syrian Kurds or Let Trump Decide

If President Obama chooses to forge closer military ties with the Kurds for an assault on Raqqa, ISIS’ main stronghold, he risks alienating the Turks. Source: World

Cold War Jitters Resurface as U.S. Marines Arrive in Norway

Despite being generally welcomed, the presence of the Marines — shown on Norwegian television dragging their suitcases through the snow — also provoked concerns. Source: World

Shinzo Abe at Pearl Harbor: ‘Rest in Peace, Precious Souls of the Fallen’

The text of the Japanese prime minister’s speech at the site of the attack that drew the United States into World War II. Source: World

U.S. Destroys 14 Tanks at ISIS-Held Base in Syria

American military leaders had warned their Russian and Syrian counterparts about the strikes, meant to keep militants from using the captured weapons. Source: World