Kremlin Denies Knowledge of Ukraine Plan Pushed by Trump Associates

Russia responded to a New York Times article about a peace plan put forward by a Ukrainian lawmaker, Andrii V. Artemenko, and two people close to the president. Source: World

Blame Ricochets in Deaths of Rebel Army Leaders in Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia have denied any role in the latest separatist death, of Mikhail Tolstykh, or in previous killings of rebel leaders far from the front lines. Source: World

Trump, Asked Again About Putin, Suggests U.S. Isn’t ‘So Innocent’

President Trump, who has frequently expressed his admiration of the Russian leader, appeared to equate Mr. Putin’s actions with those of the United States. Source: World

E.U. Reaches Compromise With the Netherlands on Closer Ukraine Ties

The Dutch had been the lone holdout among European Union member nations on an association agreement that would seek to counter Russia’s influence in Ukraine. Source: World