Aleksei Navalny, Putin Critic, Is Sentenced to 20 Days in Jail

Russia’s leading opposition leader was detained for the third time this year as he launched his campaign to replace President Putin in the Kremlin. Source: World

Five Men Who Killed Boris Nemtsov, a Putin Foe, Are Sentenced in Russia

The gunman, a Chechen former officer, received a 20-year sentence, and four accomplices also got prison terms. But the suspected organizers of the assassination are still at large. Source: World

Russians Call Trump Meeting Putin a Win, but Doubt Concrete Gains

There was relief that if short on concrete deals, the talks seemed to halt the downward spiral in relations and lack of contact between the two countries. Source: World

On a Tiny Norwegian Island, America Keeps an Eye on Russia

In a sleepy town in the Arctic, the business of snooping on Russia’s fleet of nuclear submarines is flourishing thanks to an American-funded radar system. Source: World

Russia Reaches Deal for Syria Safe Zones, but Some Rebels Scoff

The top United Nations envoy for Syria said the deal was a “positive step.” But some rebels said it left too many loopholes for the government. Source: World

As Tillerson Begins Russia Talks, Putin Leaves Him Guessing

The secretary of state has met Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov in Moscow, but whether he would see Russia’s president was the subject of diplomatic theater. Source: World

Putin and Merkel: A Rivalry of History, Distrust and Power

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel now represent the sharply divergent visions clashing in the world. The question is, which one will come out on top? Source: World

Russia Stirs Friction in Balkans, as NATO Keeps an Uneasy Peace

Russia is again stirring tensions in the volatile Balkans, at a moment when NATO and the European Union are distracted with other crises. Source: World

Joint Chiefs Chairman to Meet With Russian Counterpart in Azerbaijan

It will be the first face-to-face meeting of military chiefs from Washington and Moscow since 2014, and takes place while the Trump administration’s policy toward Russia is unclear. Source: World

Trump, Asked Again About Putin, Suggests U.S. Isn’t ‘So Innocent’

President Trump, who has frequently expressed his admiration of the Russian leader, appeared to equate Mr. Putin’s actions with those of the United States. Source: World