She Was Teaching Him to Walk. He Shot Her From His Wheelchair.

The Afghan polio patient, who had received 19 years of treatment from the International Red Cross, opened fire on his physiotherapist. She was killed. Source: World

London Attacks: ‘It Was Utter Horror’

People in the London Bridge area on Saturday night described a scene of confusion and chaos. Source: World

Terrorist Attacks in the Heart of London Hit a Nation Still Reeling

Six civilians were killed and more than 30 were hospitalized in attacks near London Bridge in what both Prime Minister Theresa May and the police called an act of terror. Source: World

Attacks in London: What We Know and What We Don’t Know

Police officers have responded to reports of a vehicle colliding with pedestrians on the London Bridge and one other incident. Source: World

Germany Didn’t Know Migrant Held in Killing Had Violent Past in Greece

The news about an Afghan asylum seeker raised concerns about Europe’s ability to enforce laws within the 26 countries that allow for free cross-border travel. Source: World