Dennis Rodman, Frequent Visitor to North Korea, Is Back

Mr. Rodman, the ex-N.B.A. star who once held Kim Jong-un’s newborn daughter, announced his return to the North on Twitter but did not say what he was doing there. Source: World

As Economy Grows, North Korea’s Grip on Society Weakens

The sign of life is a double-edged sword for Kim Jong-un, the nation’s leader, because information is seeping in along with foreign goods to marketplaces. Source: World

Chinese Media Is Subdued in the Face of North Korea-U.S. Standoff

Beijing’s relative silence may be an attempt to placate both Kim Jong-un of North Korea and President Trump, and to prevent the Chinese public from panicking. Source: World

North Korean Missile Launch Fails, and a Show of Strength Fizzles

The timing was an embarrassment for Kim Jong-un, because the launch appeared to have been intended to coincide with the approach of a fleet of American warships. Source: World

U.N. Official Demands Inquiry Into Kim Jong-nam’s Death

The investigator’s remarks essentially expanded the assassination of the estranged older sibling of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, into a human rights issue. Source: World

Arrest of North Korean Is Reported in Death of Kim Jong-un’s Brother

Tensions rose between North Korea and Malaysia days after Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of the North’s leader, was assassinated at Kuala Lumpur’s airport. Source: World

Malaysia Arrests Second Woman in Killing of Kim Jong-un’s Half Brother

The news media reported that the police were also looking for four male suspects, suggesting that the plot was more involved than initially indicated. Source: World