Iran Sentences Faith Healing Shiite Mystic to Death

The mystic, Mohammad Ali Taheri, who was convicted of founding a cult, can appeal. An earlier death sentence, for blasphemy, was overturned in 2014. Source: World

Iran Nuclear Deal Will Remain for Now, White House Signals

A statement on Iran came two days before Iranian elections, and just before President Trump’s first overseas trip as president. Source: World

Iran Joins Russia in Denouncing U.S. Strike on Syria, but Stops There

Although on the same side in Syria, Iran is conspicuously not allowing Russia unlimited use of its air bases, part of a legacy of mistrust between the two. Source: World

Editorial: The Untimely Death of an Iranian Pragmatist

Centrists in Iran will have a harder time without Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s help. Source: World

Death of Iran’s Rafsanjani Removes Influential Voice Against Hard-liners

Mr. Rafsanjani, 82, was a main voice in Iran calling for outreach to the West. His death is also a reminder of a looming generational leadership change. Source: World

Mehdi Karroubi, Iranian Cleric Under House Arrest, Quits Political Party

Mr. Karroubi, who was ordered held for his role in the 2009 Green Movement, said the detention hampered his ability to lead the National Trust Party. Source: World