After U.S. Compromise, Security Council Strengthens North Korea Sanctions

The Security Council adopted a measure that sets a modest cap on oil imports to North Korea, far weaker than what the United States had sought. Source: World

As Economy Grows, North Korea’s Grip on Society Weakens

The sign of life is a double-edged sword for Kim Jong-un, the nation’s leader, because information is seeping in along with foreign goods to marketplaces. Source: World

News Analysis: On Trade, a Politically Feisty Trump Risks Economic Damage

The president’s threat to pull the United States out of the North American Free Trade Agreement would hurt the very workers he says he aims to help. Source: World

As Obesity Rises, Remote Pacific Islands Plan to Abandon Junk Food

A ban on imported food at government functions and tourist establishments is an early step to prevent disease and promote healthy habits in an isolated province of Vanuatu. Source: World

Facing Trump, Mexicans Think the Unthinkable: Leaving Nafta

Many free traders in Mexico are concluding their country could have more to lose from long haggling with Donald Trump and uncertainty than from opting out. Source: World

Op-Ed Contributor: Ditching TPP Won’t Solve the Trade Deficit

If Trump is serious about balancing imports and exports, he needs to think bigger. Source: World

U.S.-Trained Official May Shape China’s Response to Trump on Trade

Liu He, the top economic adviser to President Xi Jinping, has argued for more open markets. But his agenda could be overwhelmed by fears of fallout from a trade war. Source: World