Stanislav Petrov, Soviet Officer Who Helped Avert Nuclear War, Is Dead at 77

After a Soviet computer system warned that the Americans had launched a nuclear missile attack, he decided — correctly — that it was a false alarm. Source: World

Michael Rainey, Boutique Owner in Swinging London, Dies at 76

Mr. Rainey opened his London boutique, Hung on You, in 1965 and his designs became popular with rock stars like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Source: World

Ren Xinmin, Pioneering Chinese Satellite Designer, Dies at 102

Dr. Ren, best known for designing China’s first satellite to be successfully launched into space, was the chief designer for six major space projects, according to state media. Source: World

Death of Iran’s Rafsanjani Removes Influential Voice Against Hard-liners

Mr. Rafsanjani, 82, was a main voice in Iran calling for outreach to the West. His death is also a reminder of a looming generational leadership change. Source: World

Joyce Appleby, Historian of Capitalism and American Identity, Is Dead at 87

She put liberalism at the center of understanding the ideology of the revolutionary generation. Source: World

Rose Evansky, a Pioneer in Women’s Hairstyling, Dies at 94

Mrs. Evansky, a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany, developed blow-dry styling in the 1960s at her London salon, and inadvertently created a revolution in hairdressing. Source: World