Canada Letter: The Avro Arrow and an Amazon HQ

This week’s Canada Letter, which is for and about Canada and Canadians, looks at the underwater hunt for traces of a Cold War fighter. Source: World

Has a Canadian Slur Lost Its Sting?

A researcher found that attitudes are mixed about “Newfie,” a colloquial term for Newfoundlanders dating to World War II. But for some, it remains offensive. Source: World

Candidate’s Call to Save ‘Canadian Values’? Un-Canadian, Critics Say

Kellie Leitch, a candidate for leadership of Canada’s Conservative Party, has set off a debate that is not likely to go away. Source: World

Canadian Diners Reveal Their Special Places

Readers find their most interesting and memorable dining experiences not just in pricey special-occasion restaurants but also in unassuming bistros and coffee shops. Source: World

Homeless Find a Champion in Canada’s Medicine Hat

A “housing first” strategy, embraced in Canada more firmly than in any other country, holds that homeless people can begin to address their other challenges only after they have secured shelter. Source: World

Op-Ed Columnist: Canada, Leading the Free World

Canadians, who are proudly multicultural, welcome Syrian and other refugees. Source: World

How a Changing Climate Is Shaping a Leaf Peeper’s Paradise

A warming planet is responsible for the glorious colors of fall lasting so late in the year, scientists say, but they warn it could have a negative effect on the foliage over the longer term. Source: World